• Essence Collection

    Our Essence collection is created with traditional distilled scents of the Scottish wilderness and associated aromas with the rural way of living. From sultry wild gorse to fresh mint & myrtle - these are moments from nature, taken straight from the landscape into your home.

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  • Signature Collection

    Our signature collection evokes the heart of Galloway and wider Scotland. Taken from beautiful old Gaelic and Scots words that only translate into everyday language as single images or feelings, blended into scents with the rich heritage and countryside of Galloway, let our bespoke aromas transport you.

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  • Limited Edition

    Try our Limited Edition small batch pours of Seasonal Scents.

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  • Our Gifts

    Treat someone you love with nature inspired gifts that help them relax and rejuvenate.

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  • Everyone’s Favourites

    Try our bestselling Gloaming Glens Signature Collection candle.

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Eco-friendly refillable beauty

From haircare to hand wash, shower gels, body lotions and more all of our beauty products are easy to refill, reuse and repeat. Packaged in aluminium bottles, with your first purchase you’ll receive a pump which can then be used with all of your refills from Apothecally.

This pump is the only plastic packaging that we use, intended for you to use for many years to come…

  • 100% vegan products

  • Cruelty free & clean

  • Hand poured in Scotland

  • We only use eco soy wax

  • 97% organic ingredients

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Welcome to the Apothecally Store

The Apothecally Store offers a wide range of natural and organic products to promote health and well-being.

As well as natural remedies, supplements and loose teas, we stock organic and ethical products for skin, hair, and personal care. Essential oils for aromatherapy and massage, as well as a wide range of products to care for your home and gifts for everyone interested in a more natural and sustainable alternative. Our products are suitable for everyone.

Our mission is to promote ethically sourced, good quality, natural & organic products at an affordable price.